R.I.P. Nissan Juke: Discontinued But Never Forgotten


Nissan Juke, the second-generation crossover, officially sought greener pastures earlier this year. Born in Japan to the late Nissan Qazana, Juke emigrated to the States in 2011, befriending thousands of drivers over the course of its 7-year stay.

Always the life of the party, the funky yet energetic SUV had a personality for the ages, dominating the roads with its modern “coke bottle” styling and bubbly disposition. Juke’s perkiness was just as infectious—especially upon growing into its NISMO RS shoes—and close friends continue to embrace their fond memories of Juke’s 215-horsepower engine and NISMO-tuned suspension. Continue reading “R.I.P. Nissan Juke: Discontinued But Never Forgotten”