15 Essential Car Accessories to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

Have you gotten Mom a gift for her special day in May? If not, there’s no time like the present. From practical and pragmatic to fun and fancy, these car accessories are great Mother’s Day gift ideas.

15) Cup Holder Expander

If your mom drinks coffee by the gallon, she’ll likely have difficulties fitting her travel mug in a standard car cup holder. Consider buying her a cup holder adapter that securely expands to hold larger mugs. We recommend an adjustable system with a rubber base to ensure a snug fit, such as this $25 Swigzy Car Cup Holder product. It may not be the most personal Mother’s Day present to give Mom, but it will surely be one of the most useful.

14) AeroPress Travel Coffee Maker

By now you’re quite aware of your mom’s addiction to java. Help her stay on the bandwagon by gifting her a travel coffee maker like this $30 AeroPress device. Highly durable and incredibly portable, AeroPress produces a full cup of “French Press” coffee without the need for electricity. Just insert the ground coffee beans, some hot water, and push down to manually brew some deliciousness.

13) SUV Hatch Camping Tent

Summer camping trips are made even better for Mom (and the whole family) with an OEM SUV Hatch Tent. This Nissan tent – which is available on the Nissan Pathfinder, Rogue Sport, Murano, Armada, and select older Nissan SUV models – is 10’ x 10’ and sleeps at least 6 comfortable. It features two large entrances, mesh windows, a 6’ canopy and rain-fly, and can easily be converted to a standalone ground tent.

To order a Nissan SUV tent for Mother’s Day in Birmingham, speak with a team member at our Jim Burke Nissan Parts Department.

12) Mothers Car Care Accessories

The ideal Mother’s Day gift for and car-loving mother is a Mothers®-brand car-washing accessory. Confused? Don’t be. Just browse some Mothers products to build Mom a little basket of key car care accessories. We suggest adding items like a microfiber chenille mitt, wheel brush, carpet brush, and waxing cloth. If you need additional advice about choosing the right car-washing items for Mom, reach out to a member of our Birmingham auto service center at (205) 588-6287.

11) Car Sun Shades

Sun’s out, shades down! A retractable car sunshade is an essential item for any parent; they cut out glare, prevent sunburns, and keep the “Mommy, the sun is in my eyes” complaints to a minimum. We recommend roller-style sun shades that attach to windows with hooks, allowing for easier removal. The $15 Munchkin Brica White Hot® product is a good choice, as it also offers a special indicator that turns white when the vehicle temperature inside is too hot.

10) Remote Starter System

The quickest way to win over any Birmingham Mom on Mother’s Day is to cancel this summer’s hot and humid weather. But unless you have some climate-altering superpower, your best bet may be to install a remote starter for her vehicle. That way Mom can get the air conditioning running before she even clocks out at work or pays for the groceries.

You can order a remote starter for any Nissan vehicle at Jim Burke Nissan, and we’ll even install it for you just in time for Mother’s Day!

9) Personalized Car Mats

Monogrammed, tie-dyed, or Cheetah-printed, a personalized car mat makes for a great Mother’s Day surprise. You can even order special car mats with Mom’s alma mater or favorite sports team, if that’s her M.O. The best place to check for custom floor mats may be etsy.com, as those creative creators offer tons of unique options.

8) Cargo Storage System

Organized moms are ready for anything. Help yours prepare for life’s inevitable lemons by getting her a cargo storage system. Numerous cargo storage solutions exist, but if we had to pick the best ones, they’d all be made by Nissan (obviously). For instance, you can order and install anything from an underfloor LEAF cargo organizer to a Nissan Kicks parcel shelf system to a simple cargo net. No matter your mom’s Nissan model, our Birmingham Nissan dealership can order the right storage system.

7) A Good Dash Cam

Want proof that good things can come in the smallest packages? Look no further than a dash cam. Give Mom some added peace of mind this Mother’s Day by setting up a little dash camera in her vehicle. It will record everything seen and heard from her point of view, so she won’t have to worry about issues like insurance fraud, hit-and-runs, or confrontations with police or angry motorists. Review the best dash cams to find a quality system.

6) Back Seat Mirror

If you’ve just welcomed a new baby into the family, Mommy could benefit from a second pair of eyes from her driver’s seat. A back-seat mirror, like this $25 Diono product, can rotate and pivot to help her keep watch on her precious cargo.

5) Back Seat Organizer & Tablet Holder

Sometimes the best Mother’s Day present is the gift of peace and quiet. For moms with noisy toddlers, a rear tablet holder can be a blessing. Consider buying a two-in-one tablet holder and organizer, like this $30 Macnally CARPOCKET product. That way everyone gets what they want – the little one can watch his favorite TV shows while Mom keeps the back seat from looking like a war zone.

4) Lavender Car Freshener

Help Mom de-stress after a long day of work by gifting her some special lavender-scented car air fresheners. Lavender is commonly used to relieve stress, relax muscles, and calm the mind. Plus, it can have a soothing effect on newborns and small babies. If you are the crafty type, you can even construct your own scented car fresheners with essential oils and clothespins. (Remember: It’s the thought that counts.)

3) Satellite Radio Subscription

Forget binge-watching – give Mom a reason to binge-listen. With over 140 commercial-free music stations, thousands of podcasts, and talk radio channels, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio is one of the best subscription services you could get for mom on Mother’s Day. Monthly subscriptions begin at around $10, so it’s quite affordable, too!

(You can also look into buying Mom a new Nissan with a free SiriusXM® trial. Speak with someone at Jim Burke Nissan for more details.)

2) Car Dehumidifier

A car dehumidifier bag is a great gift for on-the-go Moms in Birmingham. They prevent foggy windows, reduce interior humidity levels, and can eliminate bad odors inside the cabin. Alabama drivers should have a pair of these accessories at all times. We suggest a product like the PINGI Car Dehumidifier, as it alerts you of the car’s humidity level and can be reused for years.

1) Wireless Smartphone Charging Pad

Cut the cord for good. Of course, we’re talking about getting rid of your mom’s phone charging cable by kitting her vehicle with a wireless Qi charger. OEM wireless charging pads are fairly affordable and can be installed on most newer Nissan models, and there are third-party Qi charging kits on the market. If this sounds like a good gift for Mother’s Day, speak with your car dealer for suggestions.

We’ve hopefully given you some good gift ideas for this Mother’s Day. If you need help with ordering any type of Nissan part or accessory for Mom before May, don’t hesitate to give our Nissan dealership near Hoover a call at (205) 588-6287. We’re conveniently located at 1300 3rd Ave N in Birmingham, AL, and we would be glad to assist you.

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